U Nováků

U Nováků

In the 1929-1930 theatrical season the Liberated Theatre acquired space in the newly opened U Nováků palace (today‘s ABC Theatre). The hall had a capacity for an audience of 880 and modern facilities. The season was launched with a production of Líčení se odročuje (The Hearing Has Been Adjourned). With a brief break (the 1935/36 season when in reaction to the public scandal caused by the production Kat a blázen (The Executioner and the Madman) performances took place in the Rokoko Theatre – going under the name The Tied Theatre – Spoutané divadlo)). It remained here until the ending of its activities in autumn 1938.

The re-opening of the Liberated Theatre in the theatre U Nováků also brought with it changes in personnel. Together with Honzl, the dramaturge Vítězslav Nezval and playwright Jindřich Štyrský also departed.

At the turn of 1929/1930 the play Ostrov Dynamit (The Dynamite Island) ) – a revue from a tropical island in the Pacific – was performed. Here the natives are exploited by the white colonialist Thomas Batha and his Chinese servant Wu-Fang. These two took advantage of the island’s phenomenon, whereby every 50 years the volcano erupts, whose fumes make everybody peaceful and loving. The villain Batha, though, will be unaffected since he has hidden a gas mask in the woods. Batha, however, loses the map upon which the place where the mask is hidden is drawn … the play ends with an explosion and all of them become angelic altruists.

This guided walk is a part of the "Democracy on the Brink. Historical lessons from the late 1930s" project supported by the Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union.

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