Základní škola Botičská

Elementary school Botičská

In the early October 1938, when the Poppers arrived in Prague, Robert was eight. He continued his school attendance and went to a nearby, German speaking school. He remembers walking there from his home Na Slupi No.8 in Prague 2. It was only round the corner. At school he had hardly any friends – no wonder. He spent only some six weeks there before they had to flee again. At school he was fond of arithmetics and drawing and proud of being able to draw a Czech flag. In 1938, there were only 7 basic schools with German language as the media in Prague. With the increasing number of refugees, many Prague schools organized charity collections to collect money for the refugees.
V roce 1938 bylo v Praze pouze sedm obecných škol s němčinou jako vyučovacím jazykem. Se stoupajícím počtem uprchlíků byly v mnohých pražských školách organizovány finanční sbírky na jejich podporu.

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