Hermann Grab

This is where Hermann Grab, a German-language writer of Jewish descent grew up. He was born to a family of notable industry-owners who were honoured with a knighthood. Later he moved to a studio in the Senovážné Square.

The editorial note of the Czech translation of his book Městské sady a jiné povídky [The City Parks and Other Stories ] published in 2000 includes Hermann Grab’s autobiography as he drafted it in 1947:

A scandalously uninteresting biography. Born on 6 May 1903 in Prague, studied philosophy and music in Prague, Vienna, Berlin and Heidelberg. Awarded with the Dr. phil. title in Heidelberg. (It is not necessary to elaborate on the fact I also graduated from law and got a part-time job in a renowned law firm in Prague – for the sake of my father and also to be more independent in my career choices). Then I worked as a journalist (music reviewer) and music teacher in Prague. The City Parks novel written in 1932, published in 1935. Loads of unpublished lyric poetry, a novel and stories. (This should not be mentioned either as most of these texts were lost). A collection of stories disappeared during my escape to Paris. I fled to Lisbon in 1940 and then to New York later that year. Worked as a piano teacher at a conservatory in New York. Published several minor music works, wrote a few novellas and currently working on a novel.

Hermann Grab died in 1949 in New York.

Picture source: Autor: Anonymní – http://www.e-jirgens.de/fotosgr.htm, Volné dílo, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47753066

Text source: Zdroj: Hermann Grab. Městské sady a jiné povídky. Praha: Primus, 2000, s. 167.

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