Council meeting of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW)

Period: 1918–1945

On 18-24 July 1930, Prague hosted the Council meeting of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW).

This organization was founded in London in 1920 with the aim to support mutual understanding and friendship among women with university education across nations. This congress was organized by the Association of University Women in the Czechoslovak Republic and it was attended by 27 delegates from all over the world. Besides council sessions and meetings, there was a rich accompanying programme. The IFUW published a report about the Council meeting describing how the foreign delegates were take care of: “The police chief assigned a policeman speaking French, English and German to assist the delegates during their stay and provide them with advice and indefatigable helpfulness and accuracy.”[1] One day, the delegates were invited for a tour around night-time Prague. “’Tonight, some of the sights have a special lighting. Streams of diffused light illuminate their facades with a subtle bluish shine that highlights all the remarkable architectonic details.’ ‘Who is this illumination for?’ we asked curiously. ‘For you,’ we were told, ‘to honour your visit.’”[2]

On 23 July, Dr. Alice Masaryková, who was also a member of the Association of University Women of the Czechoslovak Republic, organized a garden party in the Royal Garden in Hradčany. The members had an opportunity to meet President Masaryk, Alice’s father, who made a donation of 1000 pound to the association.

The German Section also contributed to the programme:

On Sunday 20 July, a trip to Jáchymov and Carlsbad was organized for the delegates. In the lovely weather, the participants in open sightseeing coaches had a chance to admire the charming countryside on the way. The Ministry of Public Works allowed prof. dr. Gleditsch, an outstanding expert in radiology, and her guides, dr. Cullis and dr. Kozáková to go down the “Svornost” mine shaft and then have a guided tour of opencast mines. The trip participants were welcomed at the Jáchymov Radio-Palace by the representative of the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministerial Officer Sládek, and the Senior Consultant of the Radiology Research Institute, dr. Markl, and they were shown the modern and extraordinary facilities of the spa building. A commentary was provided by the associate professor dr. Tománek. At the Radio-Palace, an exquisite lunch was served by the hotel manager Mr. Urban who also offered a guided tour around the hotel to the participating ladies. The design of this state-owned hotel, overall and in all the details, is surprising in its elegance, modernness and functionality. The exemplary organization of the state spa with its impeccable cleanliness and the most recent treatment methods were highly appreciated by the visitors. In the afternoon, the participants were brought to Carlsbad where they were welcomed by the City Councillor Ulbert at the Freiheits-Höhe and invited for a snack by the City Council. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to admire the marvellous environs of arlsbad and Jáchymov from the observation tower.[3]

From left to right: Misa Bosanguet, Anglie; Dr. Tumlířová, Československo; předsedkyně Dr. Cullis, Amerika; Dr. Gleditsch, Norsko; Mme. Monod, Francie.

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