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  • Foreigners in Prague
  • Goal!
  • Wenceslas Square
  • Refugees fleeing Nazism
  • Robert Popper
  • The Roma in Czechoslovakia
  • Cafés in Prague
  • Russian Émigrés in Interwar Czechoslovakia
  • Vietnamese bistros
  • Collaboration
  • Liaisons
  • The Zionist Movement
  • Bans
  • Music
  • Holocaust
  • Exile Press
  • Hard Comebacks
  • Social Democracy in exile



Discover Prague’s multicultural history with us!

Discover Prague’s multicultural history on our interactive online map. Eyewitnesses, writers, historians and anthropologists have prepared for you texts, archival and artistic photography as well as short videos which will take you to places where events of “great history” took place and where the people of Prague lived their everyday lives. You will learn how locals, newcomers or refugees identified themselves in terms of language, ethnicity and religion; where various clubs, associations and cultural institutions were located and how all this was disrupted by the Second World War and the Holocaust. The map will lead you through cafés, cinemas, churches, synagogues and houses and will show you how these places have changed in time.

Colleagues from our partner organisation Stowarzyszenie „Pracownia Etnograficzna” will introduce the city of Warsaw, looking at it from a similar perspective.

We have already launched a Czech and a Polish version of the map and are working on other languages and on adding new topics, eras, places and information.

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You can use the filters on the upper toolbar to view different points on the map according to specific historical eras. To select different topics, use the menu on the right. After clicking on one of the historical eras, the menu on the right will show you a list of topics related to the selected time period. Not only are there points on the map related to all the combinations of topics and historical periods, but for each topic and era you can find an introductory text that provides you with the historical context. To see the interactive map of Warsaw, click on “Warsaw” at the Select city arrow in the upper left corner.

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